We explain you about the franchise and we tell you which are the most profitable and secure in the sector, so you can get the right investment for your new business.

You will know what you need to open a good franchise.

The franchise

Franchising has become the most successful system for opening a business, both in Spain and in the international market.

We inform you about what is and how the franchise works, as well as which are the most profitable and successful brands in Spain and internationally.

Franchise: What is

The franchise is a contract that allows an entrepreneur to open the business developed by the franchisor, using the brand, products and work system of the franchise. In return, he pays the economic conditions and is obliged to comply with the franchise agreement.

The franchisor transmits the differential know-how he has developed, grants an exclusive license of the brand in the territory and provides continuous support to the franchisee.

What the franchisor brings to the franchisee

License to use the brand.
The exclusivity of the brand in the area.
The work system, transmitted through training and business manuals.
The products or services.
Help to set up the business.
Continuous support.
The supply, when it is established in the contract.

What the franchisee provides in the contract:

The investment: The money to open your business.
The management and the work: The time and the management of your business.
The commitment to apply the brand and the working method.
The payment of the commitments to the franchiser: Canon, royalties and product purchases.
The obligation to comply with what the franchise contract says.

Franchising: how it works

Successful franchise companies organize themselves to be able to transmit their business model to the franchisees.

They help the franchisees to open and manage their businesses.

Thus, if you want to set up a business, the franchise provides you with a business partner who gives you the brand, the business model, the products and provides you with support services.