To open a franchise, an entrepreneur must evaluate his profile, look for franchises that fit his profile, evaluate them and detect which are better businesses in his market.

The candidate must request information from the franchises, ask for the pre-contractual information dossier and analyse it thoroughly.
For the 5 brands that fit him best, the candidate must know the franchisers and the franchise headquarters personally.
The contracts must be read and analysed.
The opportunities must be assessed and a business plan prepared.
You must apply to the franchise by answering the application questionnaire.

You must know other franchisees

When there is interest in signing the franchise, the canidato can reserve its zone signing the pre contract of franchise. Opening a period to look for premises, refine the investment for the specific premises, finish the Business Plan, close the financing and finish the decision.
Signing the franchise contract.

Steps to franchise a business

Define the income and costs that the franchise will have, to determine viability.
Legalize the franchise.
Document the know-how or Know How.
Execute the franchise processes:
Expansion: Search, select, train.
Operations: Supervise, support and direct the franchisees.