In difficult times, financially speaking, as we are now, saving is one of the priorities for most people.

Franchises, being a proven business scheme, have become one of the most viable options to invest our savings. And not only that, but in this time of crisis they have proven to be one of the least affected businesses.

Let’s know the aspects that have made the franchise sector bear fruit and that place it in a better chance of success than independent businesses.

The facts are what confirm that franchises are one of the most viable options to achieve success even in this time of crisis.

Mainly the possibility of failure of a franchise is much lower than it would be to open an independent business. Why? Because you already have a recognized brand, a whole team behind you and, above all, experience in the franchised business that has resulted from time where trial and error have determined the best way forward.

Unlike an independent business that is starting from scratch and therefore has a long road of learning that consists of testing, successes and setbacks, market research and competition, increase their experience in the business and achieve a positioning or brand recognition, where at the end of this road, it is clear that the costs in time and money, are much higher than it is to pay a fee or fee of a franchise. This does not mean that it will not be a successful project, but simply that it would be a slower and riskier process.

There are different advantages for people who get a franchise

-They have a company that supports the brand

-They will get training on a know how

-They belong to a network of franchised units where the economy of scale improves costs as the network grows.

-They have permanent technical assistance during the operation.

-Sense of belonging to a recognized brand or one that is in the process of growing.

It is very important to be sure that the franchise in which you are going to invest is properly developed and advised, for which it is recommended to approach a consultancy that can support in the election of the same one and that accompanies during the process of revision and negotiation, with the purpose of offering greater security to the investor.